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Australia's two-year manhunt for the vicious "Backpack Killer" began in September 1992 when hikers found the decomposed remains of two women in the Belanglo State Forest, near Sydney, at a point called Executioner's Drop.Their deaths bore all the signs of another sexual attack: Neugebauer was apparently strangled, then shot six times in the head; his girlfriend was nude below the waist and she had been decapitated, her head missing from the scene.

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Milat has stated plans to escape at every opporunity but thus far has not made good on the threat.(A sword, reportedly used to behead Ania Habschied, was found in a later search at the home of Milats mother.) Detectives suggested that Milat sometimes killed his victims and then used their skulls for "target practice" after they were dead, thus accounting for multiple head wounds.On May 31, 1994, Milat was formally charged with seven counts of murder, plus the attack on Paul Onions and various weapons charges.Clark had been stabbed in the chest area, Clark had been stabbed and shot in the head several times, Gibson had been repeatedly stabbed, Everist had been slashed in the face in additon to her stab wounds, Schmidl had also been stabbed, Habschied was decapitated, and Neugebauer had been shot in the head five times with the same weapon that killed Walters.The stabbing victims all had a unique injury, though, a stab wound to the upper back that severed the victim's spinal cord and rendered them helpless.He has, however, attempted to kill himself at least twice after swallowing such materials as razor blades and staples.

In June of 2001 Milat appeared at an inquest into the deaths of three women in 19.

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Robyn Hickie, 17, Amanda Robinson, 14, and Leanne Goodall, 20, all disappeared from an area north of Sidney under similar circumstances as Milat's known victims.

Though Milat atended the inquest, he offered nothing to help investigators and denied having known the women or ever having picked up a hitchhiker in that area.

Investigators, meanwhile, were reviewing their files on old sex crimes-including a December 1974 rape allegation filed against Ivan Milat, known to use the nickname "Bill." On May 22, 1994, a flying squad of 50 officers raided the property in Eagle Vale, a Sydney suburb, where Milat lived with a girlfriend.