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Bt international directory enquiries online dating

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This reflected an £84 million investment in new technology over the following year to further improve the service.

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Charges were introduced for directory enquiries for the first time from 2 April.The new, more open and fairer policy allows customers to acquire telecommunications services from competing providers using a variety of technologies.Independent 'retail' companies would also be permitted to bulk-buy telecommunications capacity and sell it in packages to business and domestic users.As with Phone Disc, ex-directory numbers were not available.A new corporate structure took over from the existing organisation on 2 April when British Telecom was relaunched as BT, the company's new trading name.On 5 March the Government's White Paper 'Competition and Choice: Telecommunications Policy for the 1990s' was issued.

In effect, it marked the ending of the duopoly which had been shared in the UK by British Telecom and Mercury Communications since November 1983 and the build up to privatisation.

At the same time charges were introduced, call charges were reduced by 7.3 per cent for national calls and 4.5 per cent for local calls.

Enquiries from public payphones remained free, and there were no charges for people with visual or other disabilities who were not able to use phone books.

Phone Base was a dial-up service connecting a customer's terminal or PC to BT's database via a modem and the telephone network.

There were no connection or rental charges, and the customer paid for the cost of the call over the network.

People using the service were thereafter charged 43.5p (45p after that years rise in VAT) for a search for up to two numbers.