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Dating a girl from a rich family

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Here she tells ANNA PURSGLOVE how she succeeded …Last spring, I flew to New York for a date with a man I had not met before.As I walked ­towards the arrivals lounge I frantically smoothed down my clothes, fretting that my carefully selected wardrobe (Moschino shirt, Mulberry holdall and fake-but-convincing diamond earrings) wouldn’t be showy enough to impress an American multi-millionaire.

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For seven days, Neil and Louise spoilt themselves and their four young children on the Haslams' £3,000-a-week budget, splashing out on Ugg boots, golf lessons and a £131 romantic meal that cost roughly as much as their entire weekly shop.Like many families across Britain, the Brimicombes scrape by on a strict budget.Indeed money is so tight that factory worker Neil and his wife Louise recently found themselves with just 18p left in their bank account.Pictured, Neil and Louise with children Alfie, Louisa, Alfie and baby Summer Luxury living: Restaurant entrepreneur Steve Haslam and wife Jo with their children Holly and Oliver outside their £1million six-bedroom family home in Chelmsford, Essex.The family struggled to buy enough food with the Brimicombe's £140-a-week budget The experiment was filmed for Channel 5's Rich House Poor House, which sees a family in the lowest 10 per cent of earners in the UK swap lives with a family in the highest 10 per cent.A recent survey showed most women still dream of marrying a millionaire.

A year ago Kim Perez, 43 and working in a chemist’s shop, set out to fulfil that ambition.

Meanwhile Steve, who went from cleaning pub toilets to building a restaurant empire, discovered what it was like to count every penny as he tried to feed his family on the Brimicombes' £140-a-week budget.

Tight budget: Neil Brimicombe and his family, who had just 18p in their bank account, swapped their modest council house (pictured) for a six-bedroom home and lived like millionaires for a week.

But he wasn’t dating any woman, he was dating me — a pharmacy counter saleswoman from the dull old town of Brigg in North Lincolnshire.

And, yes, I’d targeted him not just because he was attractive, but also because he had serious money.

I come from a very humble background and left school with no qualifications.