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Her husband: President Mbasogo took power in a coup, previously serving as head of the National Guard under the last dictator's bloody reign.He has been accused of cannibalism — eating parts of his opponents to gain "power." After more than 35 years in office, he is Africa's longest-serving leader, though rumors have circulated that he has terminal prostate cancer.

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In good times and in bad, the ladies of the Dictators' Wives Club sure put up with a lot: corruption, political uprisings, and often other wives.Her husband: President Jammeh achieved stability in Gambia but only at the cost of human rights and freedom of the press.According to Reuters, his rule has been characterized by paranoia and superstition, and he has reportedly jailed a number of people in his inner circle for allegedly plotting to overthrow him.Some, like Rwandan first lady Jeannette Kagame, use their position to advocate for important charitable causes in their nations.Others, like the president of Syria's wife, Asma al-Assad, are pros at looking the other way and smiling for official Instagram photos.Thirty-eight years her husband's junior, Biya is also a member of African Synergy, a club that addresses solutions to HIV and AIDS in Cameroon, Her husband: President Biya has been in office for more than 30 years, and in 2008 he removed restrictions on term limits so that he could run for office indefinitely.

His state security forces have been accused of executing protestors and using other means of violence and oppression to prevent political opposition.

Aside from being a devoted mother to their four children — one of whom is the crown prince — Ibrahim Al Khalifa is an outspoken activist for women's and children's rights, both in Bahrain and around the world, having addressed the UN General Assembly about these issues.

She serves as the head of the Supreme Council for Women in Bahrain, encouraging women to vote in the country, and is also the chief patron of the Society for Women and Children in Bahrain.

An attempted coup in January of this year failed to put an end to his reign.

The first lady: A trained economics engineer, Sara Nazarbayeva is the founder and chair of Bobek, an international children's charity fund, which won her the Ihsan Doğramacı Family Health Foundation Prize from the World Health Organization in 1997.

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