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With this subscription box, a personal stylist will choose five pieces based on a style profile you make on the site.

It’s time to change up your workout uniform of plain black leggings and a solid-colored tank.After his epiphany at Mecca, Malcolm X returned to the United States less angry and more optimistic about the prospects for peaceful resolution to America's race problems."The true brotherhood I had seen had influenced me to recognize that anger can blind human vision," he said. that can actually have a bloodless revolution." Tragically, just as Malcolm X appeared to be embarking on an ideological transformation with the potential to dramatically alter the course of the Civil Rights Movement, he was assassinated.You can even send your stylist detailed feedback about the items, so she can make a better, more personalized selections the next time.There’s a $20 styling fee for every box, but that fee can be credited towards any item you decide to buy. On the first Monday of every month, choose from the small tote (two to three pieces of clothing) or the large tote (five to six pieces of clothing).That same year, Malcolm X embarked on an extended trip through North Africa and the Middle East.

The journey proved to be both a political and spiritual turning point in his life.

Malcolm's feelings of betrayal, combined with Muhammad's anger over Malcolm's insensitive comments regarding the assassination of President John F.

Kennedy, led Malcolm X to leave the Nation of Islam in 1964.

You can try the items on, wear them to work or when you’re hanging out with friends, and once you’re done, just ship the stuff you don’t want back and purchase the pieces you do want.

Another bonus: You get unlimited “totes” every month, so you don’t have to wait to try out more stuff. This is made for those who love a little bling but don’t have the money (or space) for a huge jewelry box full of designer baubles.

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