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Germany and Russia depend on each other for energy, namely in Germany's need for energy from Russia and Russia's need for heavy German investment to develop its energy infrastructure.

Since the end of the Cold War and German reunification, in 1989-91, Germany and Russia have developed a "Strategic Partnership" in which energy is indisputably one of the most important factors.The Soviets survived however and formed an alliance with Britain and the U.S., and pushed the Germans back, capturing Berlin in May 1945.In the 1920s both countries co-operated with each other in trade and (secretly) in military affairs.Hostilities escalated in the 1930s as the Nazis sponsored by Berlin and the Communists sponsored by Moscow fought each other across the world, most famously in the Spanish Civil War (1936–39).In a stunning turnabout in August 1939, both countries came to an agreement, and divided up the previously independent nations of Eastern Europe.

That détente collapsed in 1941 when Germany invaded the USSR.

Prince Alexander Nevsky defeated the Teutonic Knights at the Battle of the Ice in 1242 Russia before the mid 18th century was aloof from German affairs, while Germany was divided into numerous small states under the nominal leadership of the Holy Roman Emperor.

After the Great Northern War with Sweden, however, Russia's power spread into the Baltic.

The earliest contact between Germans and Slavs is unknown.

Substantive contact goes back to the Teutonic Knights' campaigns in the Baltic, where they took control of the land.

Germany was a leader between NATO Quint in imposing round after round of increasingly harsh European Union sanctions against the Russian oil and banking industries and top allies of President Vladimir Putin.