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The parish books have been assigned sequential catalog numbers based on the organizational scheme used in the district indexes.The catalog numbers for a district begin where the previous district's catalog numbers ended, thereby providing each parish book with a unique catalog number.

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After you've identified the specific parish books that you're interested in viewing, you must submit a request to have the archive personnel retrieve the microfilm and/or books from storage.If you know the specific village where your ancestors lived, you're ready to begin your search in the regional archives.A map of the regions and a list of the districts served by each regional archive can be found below.The first order of business upon arriving at the regional archive (after filling out a 'Badatelsk List') is to look in the index of communities (Rejstrik Obci) served by that specific archive.Every town and village in that region is listed alphabetically in the Rejstrik Obci, followed by a list of all the parish books which contain entries for that town or village.These books record the births, marriages & deaths of our ancestors.

In order to successfully navigate the parish books, you will need to know the village where your ancestors lived.

For ancestors who lived in larger cities, an exact date of birth or marriage, and/or an exact address, are usually necessary to ensure a successful search.

Knowing the religious affiliation of your ancestors can also help cut down on your search time.

The archive in Opava, for example, forbids the copying of any documents in it's care.

The archive in Brno, on the other hand, offers an extensive selection of high-quality reproduction options, including: black & white and color photocopies, microfilm, black & white and color photographs, and black & white and color diapositives.

Requests submitted after the cutoff time won't be retrieved until the following morning.