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Swiped online dating documentary

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Otherwise you were, and are, "less than." That’s the driving force behind everything she does,’ she said.The first jewel Doris claims to have taken was a $22,000 diamond from a Pittsburgh jewelry store at the age of 23.

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She was pursuing the American dream the way she knew how and with the skills she had.‘At the end of the day she’s an all-American girl from West Virginia who found out what she was good at and used it to her advantage.’ The youngest of six children, Doris was born in Slab Fork, West Virginia in 1930. Years later at the premiere of a documentary telling her story, ‘The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne,’ the two spoke again – the first time they’d interacted when Doris was a free woman.‘I know her, and knew her,’ Ms Boone said.She estimates that she’s swiped more than $2 million in precious jewels in that time, and authorities believe she’s accrued more than five social security numbers, nine dates of birth, and 22 aliases over the years, including Audrey Davis, Thelma White, Sonya Dowels, Marie Clements, and Donna Gilbert, according to The Associated Press.Her story is a complex one, and divisive among those who have followed it.All the while a salesperson would be fetching other items for her – including the object of her attraction.Additionally, she would work her charm and gain their trust.‘She’ll say “What happened to that earring?Doris told the store owner, Mr Bill Benjamin, that her mother had promised to buy her a watch if she kept her grades up.

As Mr Benjamin helped her try on a few watches, a white man came into the store.

All three were sporadically taken from her due to her arrests throughout the years, Ms Boone said.

After her first interaction with blatant racism in Mr Benjamin’s store, it became apparent to Doris that she could be made to feel inferior unless she took matters into her own hands.‘She would refuse to see herself as a victim - which was, I say, the driving force to all the decisions that she’s made,’ Ms Boone said.

At the age of 18, she became pregnant and gave birth to a son.

Later on in life, she had a daughter and another son.

She's pictured here in mugshots taken in May (left) and June (right) of 1965 when she was 35 years old Despite being arrested and jailed numerous times for her crimes, Doris hasn't slowed down.