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Sky UK Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sky plc, with its current company directors being Andrew Griffith and Christopher Taylor.

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This substantial growth reflected BSky B’s 34% share of viewers in multi-channel homes (up from 13.4% from 1999).Confirming it had reached its target, the broadcaster said its reach into 36% of households in the UK represented an audience of more than 25m people.The target was first announced in August 2004, since then an additional 2.4m customers had subscribed to Sky's direct-to-home service.Within 30 days, over 100,000 digiboxes had been sold, which help bolstered BSky B's decision to give away free digiboxes and minidishes from May 1999.In addition to most channels from the Sky Multichannels package, Sky Digital launched with several new channels that were exclusive to the digital offer.due to the expansion of the Sky Digital platform after its launch three years ago.

Some of the channels did broadcast either in the clear or soft encrypted (whereby a Videocrypt decoder was required to decode, without a subscription card) prior to their addition to the Sky Multichannels package.

The switch-over from analogue to digital proceeded relatively quickly.

In Q3 1998, there were 6 million 'multichannel' TV homes in the UK (i.e.

BSky B's analogue service ended in October 2001, and the digital service would eventually be marketed as just 'Sky'.

By June 2005, the number of digital subscribers increase to 7.8m, while it produced 38,375 hours of sport in 2005 Sky's direct-to-home satellite service became available in 10 million homes in 2010, Europe's first pay-TV platform in to achieve that milestone.

ITV also asked the Office of Fair Trading to investigate since it believed Rupert Murdoch's media empire via its newspapers had influenced the deal.