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Water inundating the ground zero construction site

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There can be little question, however, that it was this development which constituted the paramount and precedent condition for the brilliant successes achieved by these splendid troops during the summer and autumn of 1918—successes which far overshadowed those of any earlier period of the war.For a complete understanding of all the factors which contributed to those successes, and for an intelligent grasp of the course of events following so dramatically upon the outbreak of the great German offensive of March 21st of that year, I propose to trace, very briefly, the genesis and ultimate development of the Corps, as it became constituted when, on August 8th, it was launched upon its great enterprise of opening, in close collaboration with the Army Corps of its sister Dominion of Canada, that remarkable counter-offensive, which it maintained, without pause, without check, and without reverse, for sixty consecutive days—a period full of glorious achievement—which contributed, as I shall show in these pages, in the most direct and decisive manner, to the final collapse and surrender of the enemy.

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It may be that hereafter my exercise of command in the field and the manner in which I made use of the opportunities which presented themselves will be the subject of criticism.Khondker said houses in his neighbourhood have been turned “upside down,” and rising waters in a nearby river threatens to send a potentially catastrophic flood into the area.“Every single creek in the neighbourhood is full,” he said.“This disaster’s going to be a landmark event,” Brock Long, FEMA administrator, said on CNN’s “State of the Union” program.“This is a storm that the United States has not seen yet.”…I soon found that the time at my disposal was far too limited to allow me to make full use of the very voluminous documentary material which I had collected during the campaign.

The realization of such a project must await a time of greater leisure.

The Weather Channel, Aug 27, 2017: The [Colorado] river may overtop levees by several feet in Bay City.

According to National Weather Service, the Colorado River near Bay City was at a depth of around 2 feet on Aug 24, 2017.

The photographs have been selected from a very large number taken, during the fighting and often under fire, by Captain G. Quentin F—Advances of Australian Corps, September 2nd to 17th, 1918 G—Battle of September 18th, 1918 H—Breaching of Hindenburg Defences J—Australian Corps Campaign Inter-Divisional Relief—the 30th American and the 3rd Australian Divisions passing each other in the "Roo de Kanga," Péronne, during the "relief" after the capture of the Hindenburg Line, October 4th, 1918 renown of the Australians as individual fighters, in all theatres of the Great War, has loomed large in the minds and imagination of the people of the Empire.

Many stories of the work they did have been published in the daily Press and in book form.

I welcome this, provided that the facts and the events of the time are known to and duly weighed by the critic.